September 3, 2011

Ever since I saw this lovely movie “A Shine Of Rainbows” (recommended by my sis Loralee) COLOR has been on my mind-I must have more in my life!!  Now, it didn’t start there, oh no!  It has been tickling the back of my mind for years! It has been getting more attention for the past few months ever since I was introduced to the ideas of Carol Tuttle.

Many others especially my Mom and sis Becca have been telling me since I was a child that I need more color!  Becca has always seemed to be in touch with her inner color, which is probably one of the reasons she is so successful in creating these flowers! (Which I am using more and more with great joy)

Color has tried to come into my life in the past and I have dismissed it, told it to settle down!  Too much color is silly and over the top!  I am silly enough and over the top on my own without expressing that fact with color!!

Well guess what!!  I changed my mind!!!  Thanks to the above mentioned influences and more!  I am embracing color, letting it flow into my life wherever it can!!!

And miracles are happening to facilitate my efforts!  For example;  Just yesterday I stopped unplanned at a yard sale.  (I had seen a bright yellow coat, the coat I already have is black.)  I thought, “what the heck, I’ll check it out!”  Well I left with a whole new wardrobe and best of all a new friend!  The woman selling her stuff was wonderful!  She has taken great care of her things and now is letting go of the items that no longer fit, which just happen to fit me perfectly!!!  And…she had COLOR!!  Look at these breathtaking scarves!!!  They are handmade by my new friend!

They not only go fabulously with my new yellow coat, but they are beautifully reminiscent of the movie,  “A Shine Of Rainbows!”


Neat Freak

March 1, 2010

How many times have I heard one friend or another explain apologetically that they are something of a neat freak while doing something like arranging pretty pillows on her classy couch in her neat and tidy home?

How does having a tidy home make you a freak?  I say they have no grounds to claim the title!

I’ve also known happy messy people.  They’re often kind of artsy, relaxed, interesting folks.  They are simply o.k. with a mess!

I say a true neat freak is someone who wants things clean, yearns for organization, can’t seem to function in a messy house but lives in a mess any way!!  That is freaky!!

It is possible that being on top of every little mess seems freakish to some.  Or maybe some have a tendency to freak out if something is out of order.  Freaking out on someone too much is defiantly not nice.  So, I say call yourself a neatness bully or an overachiever!

Leave the title “Neat Freak” to me and come visit me in a few years in my padded hospital room.