I am back!

August 26, 2011

Thanks to my amazing sister Eva and her inspiring writing,  I am giving this blog thing another go.

My family is so happy!!  (Notice the lovely curtain in the back ground, That is thanks to my sis as well!)



February 27, 2010

I’m listening to my daughters play while I do dishes.  Breeze says “Mom!!”  “Yes?” I answer.  “YOU’RE  not my mom!!” she snaps.  Apparently Blithe is the honored one right now.  She answers back in her crisp imitation British accent “Come along my dear!”

So who is the mother they are patterning after?  How many snooty British women have they spent any time with?

My favorite (it happens often) is when one or both of them approach me with a loving voice wanting to include me in the game.  “Let’s pretend that you’re the mom ok? and I’ll be your daughter!”  That is always a stretch of the imagination for me-“What I’m going to be the MOM!?!  I’m not sure how to act, my British accent is really sketchy, are you sure it should be me?”  I think it makes more sense for me to play the part of the housekeeper!