Neat Freak

March 1, 2010

How many times have I heard one friend or another explain apologetically that they are something of a neat freak while doing something like arranging pretty pillows on her classy couch in her neat and tidy home?

How does having a tidy home make you a freak?  I say they have no grounds to claim the title!

I’ve also known happy messy people.  They’re often kind of artsy, relaxed, interesting folks.  They are simply o.k. with a mess!

I say a true neat freak is someone who wants things clean, yearns for organization, can’t seem to function in a messy house but lives in a mess any way!!  That is freaky!!

It is possible that being on top of every little mess seems freakish to some.  Or maybe some have a tendency to freak out if something is out of order.  Freaking out on someone too much is defiantly not nice.  So, I say call yourself a neatness bully or an overachiever!

Leave the title “Neat Freak” to me and come visit me in a few years in my padded hospital room.